Why Russo on Energy

As the name Russo on Energy implies, we deliver unparalleled industry knowledge, expertise and solutions based on years of experience regulating oil and natural gas pipelines, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), and hydropower projects and overseeing oil and natural gas markets. Russo on Energy is a highly-skilled consulting group providing strategic planning, marketing, business, regulatory, and technical expertise to oil and natural gas companies, energy utilities, Independent System Operators, Federal Power Marketing Administration, States and financial institutions evaluating investments in the energy space.

Russo on Energy understand how the North American Oil & Shale Revolution, global emphasis on renewable energy, advanced technologies, and growing cybersecurity threats are causing fundamental changes in operations, financial recovery, reliability and customer interactions.

Russo on Energy will help you succeed by using a team approach with our partners who have literally “Rethought Cybersecurity” from the inside out and can leverage new opportunities to export and import natural gas at new and existing ports worldwide.  Finally all of our work has a regulatory and market focus that examines potential regulatory effects as well as oil and natural gas price trends and how they impact electricity prices and your project. 

We also offer a broad range of consulting services so please contact us

For information on Russo on Energy's founder, see Tom Russo's Bio.