The "Why, How and What" of Russo on Energy LLC

In a nutshell, we analyze natural gas and electricity markets and regulatory developments affecting infrastructure. Then we provide timely expert advice and training to investors, consulting firms, energy companies and federal and state agencies.

We don't believe we have a "monopoly on wisdom." So, we're not afraid to speak our minds or to challenge well established beliefs on how things work in the energy industry or your company. We take nothing for granted when it comes to the energy markets either and believe that prices often move before fundamentals change. We're constantly asking "what if" questions to stimulate deep thinking and discussion on where energy prices and trends are headed and where opportunities and trouble lie ahead. 

We enjoy solving energy and environmental problems by combining biological insights with our extensive experience in energy markets, regulatory matters, environmental impacts, aging infrastructure, safety, and physical and cyber security, to come up with new approaches. We are pragmatic and favor clarity over complexity when it comes to providing solutions and next steps.

We provide "actionable" advice and information, not voluminous reports, to investors, banks, energy companies, energy startups and industrial, commercial, and municipal consumers on electric power and natural gas infrastructure and energy markets. 

Our services also cover natural gas and hydroelectric regulation and siting, resiliency, cybersecurity, LNG Terminals and bunkering, and FERC compliance assistance.  

We are present in the Washington DC metro area with global alliances that extend our reach as needed.

Questions? Contact us or call 703-375-9482.