Past Energy Training Events

List of Energy Training Events held during 2016 and 2017

To give you an idea of the course topics that Russo on Energy LLC has provided, see the folowing list. Don’t find what you’re looking for? We’ll be happy to customize or design a course specifically for you. Your organization will save money on the training as well as lodging and travele expenses. Tom Russo, our founder teaches most of the courses.

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  1. Introduction to the Liquefied Natural Gas Industry: Infrastructure, Regulation and Markets

  2. Natural Gas Physical & Financial Markets

  3. Introduction to Liquefied Natural Gas Industry: Infrastructure, Regulation and Markets

  4. Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry

  5. NEPA Environmental Impact Assessment with Federal/State Permits
  6. Introduction to the Pipeline and Water Body Risk Assessment

  7. Hydro 101
  8. FERC Hydrower 101

  9. FERC Hydropower Licensing