Upcoming Energy Training

Natural Gas, Oil, Hydropower and FERC
  • Conowingo Dam
  • Gas Drilling Rig in Marcellus
  • Protecting wetlands near pipeline route
  • Natural Gas Markets

Tom Russo will teaching be teaching three hydrpower courses in Boston, MA on February 6-8, 2018. This is designed for professionals new to hydro, FERC hydro and/or FERC hydropower licensing or those needing a refresher. Federal and State agencies, regulators, attorneys and electric companies that own and operate FERC hydropower projects will benefit, especially if they will be involved in relicensing existing projects or licensing large pumped storage projects. For more information, please see the following:

Tom Russo will be teaching two natural gas course in Houston, TX on May 8-9, 2018. The first course is basic to an understanding of the  natural gas industry, infrastructure and will cover the entire industry supply chain, and regulations. It sets the stage for second course which covers natural gas markets. This includes understanding phyisical natural gas forward transactions, and hedging with finanial products such as futures, and swaps. Both courses are idea for newbies to natural gas and those needing a refresher. For more information see the following:

In-House Training

Russo on Energy also offers in-house training on natural gas, hydropower, NEPA environmental assessment and any one of the previous training courses. We can also customize these courses to fit your organization's mission and goals. You'll not only realize savings on the training, but also avoid expensive hotel and airfare fees as well. Tom Russo, our founder, teaches all of our courses. 

Think this training may be right right for your organization? Contact me or call 703-375-9482.