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Natural Gas, Oil, Hydropower and FERC
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Russo on Energy offers in-house training on FERC, natural gas, hydropower and NEPA at your organization. You'll not only realize savings on the training, but also avoid expensive hotel and airfare fees as well. Tom Russo, our founder, teaches all of our courses. Please see the courses below. Any of these courses can be customized to meet your needs. Call 703-375-9482 for more information on in-house training.

Hydropower 101- September 11, 2017, Washington DC

Tom Russo will present a basic overview of hydropower operations, including: how hydropower works, project types and definitions, and benefits and challenges associated with hydropower. Attendees will learn about hydropower development in North America and throughout the world. They will discuss the costs associated with hydropower and benefits, including flood control, irrigation, navigation, fish passage, entrainment mortality, in-stream flows, water quality, ramping rate, recreation, and dam safety. Attendees will receive an overview of hydropower relicensing and discuss EPA's Clean Power Plan. Read more.

Introduction to FERC HydropowerSeptember 12, 2017, Washington DC
Tom Russo will present an overview of FERC as it relates to hydropower. Attendees will learn about the FERC regulation process from start to finish. They will gain in-depth knowledge about licensing, including: terms and conditions, traditional licensing, Integrated Licensing Process (ILP), and Alternative Licensing Process (ALP). Tom Russo, who spent 30 years at FERC as a Manager and Sr. Energy Industry Analyst, will explain how to use FERC's NEPA EAs and EISs for state and other federal agency permit issuances. He will discuss settlements with FERC and review license compliance for the next 30-50 years. Attendees will leave with an understanding of FERC hydropower fundamentals.  Read more.

FERC Hydropower Licensing (new)September 13, 2017, Washington DC
This course will be a deep dive of each of the hydropower licensing processes (Integrated Licensing Process, Alternative Licensing Process and Traditional Process. In addition, the course will detail the FERC hydropower application of original and new licenses (relicense) and exhibits, especially exhibit E. The instructor will provide tips and advice on how to select the licensing process and prepare the application to facilitate and expedite FERC's review and decision on licensing. Read more.

Introduction to Local Distribution Companies (Natural Gas Utilities) (new) September 26-27, 201

This course is for staff who work for or with natural gas utilities and need a better understanding of them. The course will show how local distribution companies (LDC’s) fit in the natural gas supply chain, examine LDC activities in the physical natural gas markets, pricing mechanisms and how LDCs can hedge gas supply and price volatility. The instructor will also cover pipeline transportation and the increased role of Asset Managers in managing LDC gas supply, delivery and pipeline capacity and review existing and new FERC and PHMSA requirements affecting LDCs

Introduction to FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)- this 1 day class is great for your new employees who are somewhat acquainted with FERC and will be interacting with the agency on a regular basis.  The class will cover:

  1. An overview of FERC and how it affects natural gas, electricity, hydropower and oil infrastructure and markets
  2. It's major offices and functions,
  3. How to follow FERC cases and rulemaking, 
  4. How to use FERC's eLibrary and eFiling
  5. Focus on several areas that the audience is interested in.

Demystifying FERC Enforcement- this 4 hour course is for new staff who are beginning to trade physical natural gas and electricity and energy derivatives. It'a also a good refresher course for companies entering the physical natural gas and electricity markets, senior traders and compliance staff. The class is interactive and will cover the following:

  1. Enforcement's organization and functions
  2. Who's Who in Enforcement
  3. What Skills does Enforcement have
  4. FERC's Hot Line and who else is watching you in the natural gas and electricity markets
  5. What the "Cop on the Beat" is looking for when it comes to market manipulation, compliance and audits.
  6. How Market Oversight and Surveillance are carried out, and
  7. What to do if you are contacted by Enforcement.

Fees are dependent on class size and location.

Understanding Physical and Financial Natural Gas Markets and Natural Gas Pipelines- this course can be customized for 1 to 4 hours, depending on the audience's knowledge of the natural gas supply chain. It is an excellent course for new company staff who are must work with natural gas, procure it for power plants and industrial companies or trade it.

FERC Form 552 Annual Report of Natural Gas Transactions- this course tells you how to use the form 552 to determine how companies are selling and purchasing physical natural gas and to benefit from such knowledge.

Cybersecurity for Board and C-suite Executives- this course is either a one hour interactive presentation with a small group or a one-on-one interaction with a executives that are drowning in the alphabet soup of cybersecurity. This training will cut through the jargon and hype and bring you up to speed to ask your Chief Security Officer or CIO the right questions. See this recent Wall Street Journal on why Boards and C-suite Executives don feel responsible for cybersecurity.

Think this training may be right right for your organization? Contact me or call 703-375-9482.