Russo on Energy LLC delivers unparalleled industry knowledge, advice and training in energy regulation and on hydropower licensing, natural gas pipelines and LNG terminals based on Tom Russo's 30+ years of experience at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Tom Russo is focused on working with oil and gas companies and electric and gas utilities that wish to implement decarbonization strategies. Tom can provide your company expertise in the following areas:

  1. Able to discern energy trends and market opportunities well before they become mainstream,
  2. Advises investors on regulatory risk of energy projects
  3. Advises clients on FERC's Integrated Licensing Process and Alternative Licensing Process for hydropower projects
  4. Advises clients on FERC regulatory compliance, energy market manipulation and enforcement matters,
  5. Conducts due diligence and risk assessment of hydropower and natural gas facilities
  6. Conducts professional training in natural gas, LNG, and hydropower and markets and National Environmental Policy Act reviews

Insights and Energy Blog

We also publish an environmental column on current energy issues in the Climate & Energy Journal (formerly the Natural Gas & Electricity Journal). Please download our articles in the Energy Blog and Media sectionSign up for an Energy Post Email Alert.

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