Our Partners

Russo on Energy LLC has formed strategic partnerships with the following firms:

GZA GeoEnvironmental

GZA has provided hydropower engineering services at projects from 40 kW to 900 MW in size. Our hydropower services are comprehensive, extending from feasibility studies, preliminary resource assessments, and licensing to engineering design including turbine selection and powerhouse design to FERC compliance activities include relicensing, permitting, environmental studies, FERC Part 12D Safety Inspections, PFMA Facilitation and EAP Training Exercises. Contact Matthew Taylor for more information.

Communications & Energy Solutions Inc. (CES)

CES is a communications and dispute resolution firm that assists energy companies and landowners affected by FERC energy infrastructure projects. CES’ President, Paula J. Felt has a proven track record as a Dispute Resolution Specialist at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission where she accomplished the following:

1. Resolved hundreds of disputes between landowners and companies at numerous natural gas pipeline and storage projects.  See list of several examples;

2. Mediated a complex dispute over revisions to the shoreline management plan for the 560-MW Smith Mountain Lake Pumped Storage Project. This allowed Appalachian Power and four Virginia counties to achieve a mutually satisfactory agreement that met their common goal of promoting public use, power production and environmental protection;

3. Worked with stakeholders and Southern California Edison Electric and Pacific Gas and Electric Companies on Grid Interconnections for small solar power and hydroelectric generators to resolve issues concerning connections of these renewables to the electric grid; and

4. Provided dispute resolution training for FERC and other federal agencies. Created “Building Rapport” training to assist pipeline company representatives and landowners to prevent and address conflicts during the interstate natural gas pipeline process.

See details of Paula Felt’s accomplishments at FERC’s Dispute Resolution Service and additional information on CES.

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