Challenges to Improving Energy Security Abound: Part 2

Energy Resources and Environmental Benefits

Since I sent this article to my editor, the world has changed. The Russo-Ukrainian War continues with no peace in sight. Part 2 of my article is on global energy security, which is being seriously being reevaluated in the US, Europe, United Kingdom, and every country in the world. My thoughts on global energy security may surprise some. However, I am a pragmatist at heart and believe that to secure our energy futures we must take energy security to the community level far from Think Tanks, the Washington DC Beltway and yes even Wall Street. [node:read-more:link]

Energy Transition

Russo on Energy stands ready to assist energy companies, utilities and any company who wish to decarbonize their energy and environmental footprint. This includes companies that are trying to reinvent traditional oil and gas businesses or other companies that want to decarbonize their natural gas and LNG supply or consumption.

Electrification may not be the Answer [node:read-more:link]

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