Challenges to Improving Energy Security Abound: Part 2

Energy Resources and Environmental Benefits

Since I sent this article to my editor, the world has changed. The Russo-Ukrainian War continues with no peace in sight. Part 2 of my article is on global energy security, which is being seriously being reevaluated in the US, Europe, United Kingdom, and every country in the world. My thoughts on global energy security may surprise some. However, I am a pragmatist at heart and believe that to secure our energy futures we must take energy security to the community level far from Think Tanks, the Washington DC Beltway and yes even Wall Street. IMHO, they have all drunk far too much from the ESG trough and the US oil and gas industry and consumers everywhere are now paying the price for it. That's a discussion for another day. 

Part 2 takes the idea of energy independence to another level. Here I discuss the concept of relying more heavily on locally produced energy. I call this Locally Produced and Consumed Energy. The concept does not discriminate between renewables and fossil fuels. However, it is grounded in technologies that favor solar, wind and low impact hydropower as well as renewable natural gas, responsibly source gas and blending hydrogen with fossil natural gas transported in natural gas pipelines and distribution systems. Read learn more, read the entire article in the April issue of the Climate & Energy Journal.